Wednesday, April 14, 2010


This is the intro that appears on the first book page of the April 18 issue of The Catholic Post:

I am delighted for the opportunity to share my love of books, book discussions and media with Catholic Post readers.

More than a little about me:

Academic: my undergraduate degree (Kenyon College) is in English, with a focus on British literature; I have a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. I’ve worked in newspaper & magazine journalism, and later in communications in the right-to-life movement.

Personal: While my husband Joseph has a doctorate in theology, I’ll be reading and writing about books as a layperson, along with most Post readers. We have three lively and also book-loving children.

New Media: As a middle-aged writer, I’m a digital immigrant, not a native. Still, I firmly believe the Internet provides great opportunities for evangelization and connection. I love blogging and visiting blogs as a way to learn, connect and share with others around the world. I listen to podcasts, but don’t have one—yet. I’m on Facebook but not Twitter –yet. And so on…

I’m passionate about books & media, and a newer concept called “media mindfulness,” or media literacy in the context of faith formation. It’s not just about reading books or seeing the latest television show or movie or explore the Internet, but being able to process them in the light of our Catholic faith.

That’s why the book group component of the book page is especially exciting.

Am I hopelessly devoted to books and book groups? If it is a crime, guilty as charged. My daughters and I host a girls book group that meets monthly at our house. I’ve organized occasional outings for my son and his friends to explore-- in a very physical way--adventuresome books like the Chronicles of Narnia series. I started a local Jane Austen book group with a great group of ladies because I needed an outlet to talk about my favorite author. I moderate a cousin book group blog for my kids and their many cousins to meet online and talk about books. If those were not enough, I’m in the midst of planning a mother-daughter book group as my oldest draws near the teenage years.

I’d love to draw in from our diocesan family (and beyond) experts on the various books that the Catholic Post book club reads, enriching both the online and IRL (in real life) discussions. Our first book is “Treasure in Clay,” the autobiography of Fulton Sheen. I hope you’ll join the discussion online!


  1. Kindle Readers can download Treasure in Clay for their Kindle devices for $9.99. I'm sure it's also available for Sony reading devices and for the Nook. Good luck with the book club. Bill Dermody (brother of Tom)

  2. I loved the story about St. John Bosco and I also liked Sheen's thoughts on Vatican II. Treasure in Clay has become one of my favorite books