Monday, May 24, 2010

Handbook for Catholic Moms Question: How Do You Express Your Creativity?

The Handbook for Catholic Moms has a section about creativity and helping nurture our mind by having creative pursuits that we turn to for both self-improvement and for relaxation.

I find that writing can be very creative for me, but not particularly relaxing (except when I am finished!).   I also enjoy handcrafts such as knitting, and also trying out new recipes.  I found working out and trying several different recipes from the book and website Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day, because the recipes are more foolproof than most.  Even with the help of this excellent technique, I still find reliably good bread an elusive goal.  Any suggestions out there for how I can get a loaf of bread to turn out well every single time?

What do you do to nurture your creative side?


  1. I love,love,love baking bread! I have found a good solid flour makes all the differenc in the world! As long as I have my king arthur white whole wheat flour I can bake about any kind of bread with success most of the time. There are always flops but such is life :)
    I would have to say cooking is my most consistant way to relax and also express myself.

  2. One thing that we do enjoy in our home is telling stories to our girls. It's a way I've found that I can connect w/and be present to our girls as we go about our day, or at bedtime when I can't keep my eyes open to read a book aloud. I guess that is one creative-ish aspect that I never would have considered making an effort to develop b/f I had children.
    I too love cooking and baking bread. I have to 2nd Michele's recommendation on flour, and I'd also add good yeast (SAF Instant) and a warm, protected rising place (an oven that has been very slightly preheated during the kneading process and then turned off b/f the bread is put in to rise) are helpful to me.

  3. I do like the taste of homemade, fresh out of the oven, bread. I'm not very good at making it though. LOL.

    I do like to sew. It's relaxing for me though I'm not that creative ... I need directions. I like to crochet and I just learned how to knit. I enjoy making gifts for others and pray for them with each stitch.

    Also, my almost daily runs have made a huge impact on my mood for the rest of the day. I find I'm more relaxed and focused. During my runs, I pound out the issues that plague me. I've been creative of scheduling my time to get exercise in with having a large family.

  4. I make all my own bread... I refuse to pay the prices that bread has gone to... I have been experimenting with sour doughs and finding decent success with it. I am amazed at how easy the transition was from buying to baking my own. I now buy my yeast and flour at Sam's Club because 2# of yeast is under $5 and flour is cheap in 25# bags too. Use bread flour because it has a higher gluten content and works better and raises better.

    I also like to cook and made my first cheesecake for Easter. It was an easy recipe from and it was delicious!

    Recently I have discovered couch to 5K running program and just starting it. Not a bad program for me!

    My other hobbies include: playing on my wii fit, reading, painting t-shirts, participating in Bible studies and women's prayer groups and making my own sugar scrubs(facial scrub). I used to sew when my kids were young but haven't in a while. I keep telling myself I should make my own clothes but I have too many as it is.