Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Teen Tuesday: A Good Resource for Tween and Teen Friendly Books

This week, I want to share a gem of a blog that I discovered recently that is a great source for books and authors for tweens.

Treasure Chest for Tweens is by a Catholic mom, a former middle school teacher, who reads and reviews a range of books, from specifically Catholic fiction to popular fiction.

What I really like about Treasure Chest for Tweens are the "safety flags," 3 flags for "read with abandon," (for the age group specified), down to the "Da Vinci pile, " (cute) for books not worth picking up.  She also points out books that are girl or boy friendly, and also books that are for older tweens or younger tweens.

Here is her review of The Penderwicks, long one of our family favorites.

Here's also one review about a book by crime writer Andrew Klavan; I discovered this book and the sequel through Treasure Chest and they are just as good as promised.

For parents who don't have time to read everything that their kids read (and isn't that all of us? I'm sad to admit), and either want to encourage strong readers to read good healthy fiction, or encourage reluctant readers to discover great authors, Treasure Chest for Tweens is a great site.

I don't always agree wholeheartedly with her reviews; I can think of a few authors she loves and I don't, and even some content issues she doesn't catch, but mostly they are literary quibbles than anything else.  I appreciate this great site, and I hope you have a chance to visit the site and search for some good books  there.

Do you have any favorite blogs or websites to discover new authors for your tweens or teens?

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