Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Beyond Blue," the blog

Therese Borchard wrote the excellent book we're discussing this month, Beyond Blue, and it is also the title of her blog on spiritual and mental health on Beliefnet.

You can visit the blog here at Beliefnet.  I found even though I had read the book Beyond Blue, I wasn't visiting the blog that much because I just don't find the time to be online and visit all the many blogs that I enjoy.  So I signed up for an e-mail delivery of the blog, and that keeps me updated.

Some of my recent and recurrent favorites:

Today's post about friendship is really funny and also instructive, especially number 1 (join a book group, so go ahead, join us here!)

Every Monday, Borchard writes a "Mindful Monday" column with thoughtful reflections on various ways to be intentional and thoughtful in our lives.

Every Thursday is "Therapy Thursday," where Borchard shares ideas, many culled from her small but powerful volume published this year, The Pocket Therapist: An Emotional Survival Guide.  Here's a good one from that series.

If you visit the blog, what are your impressions?  Do you have other recommendations for blogs or web resources that promote spiritual and mental health?

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