Saturday, March 5, 2011

Live Blogging the "Behold Conference"

Final live blogging update--Thank you all for joining me here and I invite you to comment about your favorite moments of the day:

Sister Bethany Madonna, Sister of Life:  "Your heart is so precious to the Lord, and He desires to be loved by you."

Jen Fulwiler's final talk:  "A Day Without Fear": "God gives grace for the situation, not the imagination."  Four ways that fear holds us back, and five ways (including challenges) to overcome it.  Lots of good homework!


Mass with Fr. Don Roszkowski of St. Mary's Metamora and two concelebrants.  The stage was transformed; I don't think you'll be able to see how great things looked from my far-away place, but it was a place of beauty and grace.

I took some lunch snaps and tried to not get people mid-bit.  Lunch (from Michael's Italians Feast) was delicious--tortellini, garlic bread, salad, etc.   Lots of great mini-desserts to sample.

Marie Miller's first song:  6 Foot 2.  "This is a song I wrote for my future spouse, who I haven't met yet."  Love it!!!!

Jen Fulwiler, former atheist shares her remarkable story of atheism to Catholicism:

"In the past 2,000 years, your question has been asked, and answered not just in a Catholic book, but a volume of books."

"Be filled with hope."

Up next: Mass.

Nice touch in the Adoration chapel:  handwritten cards with reflections.  Mine:  "Be imitators of God... walk in love as Christ loved us." --Ephesians 5:1
Morning session:  Behold Co-founder Rose Rudolph to attendees:  “We want you to feel that You are something to behold, you are something beautiful to behold.”

Behold co-founder Bonnie Engstrom:  "Archbishop Fulton Sheen is the patron of this conference."

Sister Michaela, Sister of Life, speaking of women: daughter, bride & mother; using our gifts of receptivity, contemplation and generosity.

Biggest laugh by far this morning (among many--this is a crowd of ladies ready to laugh!):  
“Should I be a Rockette or a Sister of Life?”
 some snaps from the morning:

busy breakfast

 Rose & Bonnie welcome

Rose presenting Sisters of Life with DVD of Cardinal O'Connor talking of founding their order

The Sisters are in the house!  It is so great to see so many familiar faces and so much feminine genius in one place.

I'm hoping my voice, which seems to have left me, will come back before I have to introduce Jen Fulwiler in a  couple of hours.
My first foray into live blogging starts right now!  I am actually feeling a little like a "rock star chauffeur" this morning, as I am the driver for the Sisters of Life.

I will update this post throughout the day with impressions, quotes and reflections.  Maybe even a few photos.  See you next at the Behold Conference!

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