Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer Reading Suggestions?

I am preparing my annual summer reading column, and I need your help.    I've got some great titles to highlight, including two from local authors, but I can always use more.

Any suggestions for great summer reading?  I plan to feature books for children as well as adults.  Share away!


  1. Pop Goes Religion: Faith in Popular Culture by Terry Mattingly is what I'm currently reading. It's a collection of articles Mattingly wrote over years and deals with topics such as The Matrix, Johnny Cash, C.S. Lewis, and The Simpsons. He interviews Catholics, evangelicals, agnostics, Jews, and so on. It's easy to read but has really made me think about the media that I consume and also the image that I put out (of myself, my family, Catholicism, motherhood, and all of those combined).
    An older book but for summer reading it would be good. (Since summer reading is usually "lighter", right?)

  2. Yes, I'm definitely looking for lighter summer reading. I've got some great suggestions but thanks for suggesting this. I had not seen this book yet.