Friday, August 19, 2011

Catholic App Spotlight: Sacred Space

Well, Sacred Space isn't an App (yet--I can still hope).  It is a unique online prayer resource produced by the Irish Jesuits. is the website.  I haven't seen anything else like it.   It leads the reader through prayer, eventually reading the Gospel of the day, and reflection on it.   The structure of it would definitely lend itself to an App--perhaps the Jesuits will produce one eventually.

I've known about Sacred Space for years, but hadn't visited recently until my husband started placing me in front of the computer to read a particular reflection from the site, I think last week (the beginning reflection changes weekly, from what I gather).  I think it's his gentle way of inviting me to incorporate more contemplative prayer into my life.  The whole prayer experience with Sacred Space is incredibly soothing, definitely worth a look, and a return visit.  Give it a try!


  1. Thanks for your post, Nancy. The Sacred Space website states that when you pray with it "you are never alone." First of all we are with God ... and last Lent, 700 persons used Sacred Space every hour! More than 5,600,000 persons visited the site last year. Why? Because as St Augustine wrote, the human heart is restless until we rest in God. And prayer has dimensions of praise and awe, intercession and ... rest.

  2. Hi Joseph and Nancy, yet another thing we have in common--besides loving Italian Food! I have used Sacred Space as prayer resource for many years, but this is the first time I have visited this Catholic Post Book Group site. Nancy, thanks for sharing yourself in this way. I will need to come back for a visit real soon. Take good care, Peggy