Saturday, February 4, 2012

Meet a Reader: Joy Allen

How you know me:  I'm Joy Allen; I'm in my 21st year as Principal of Central Catholic High School in Bloomington, IL.  Before that I taught English for grades 9-12 and then started and ran an alternative high school on SUNY College campus in Cortland, New York.  My husband is a professor of Materials Science at University of Illinois and we have been blessed with three children who are now young adults.

Why I love reading:  I love to read for two purposes, the first being simply for pleasure.  I must admit that I enjoy romantic fiction where I do not have to think a lot about keeping track of the characters or plot.  I just like to escape and enjoy and know the ending will be happy.
 I’m a Hallmark reader when reading for pleasure!

The second purpose is for education and self improvement.  I am continuously reading educational journals, self-help books and news magazines (National Geographic, Newsweek). I receive approximately 5 monthly journals/magazines on education, leadership, Catholic Schools and classroom instruction.  I look for articles to copy for our faculty and staff.  Additionally, any self-help articles for anxiety, depression, self esteem, love, marriage, mood swings and motivation etc. call out to me.  I love to follow new theories and practices that will possibly help others who come to me.  I am also always looking through quotation/proverb books for quotes to use in speeches or as meeting openers.

What I am reading now: I have three books going at this time.  The romance shall remain nameless! The other two are books for our teenagers that were recommended and written by our Diocesan Chastity Guest Speaker, Jason Evert.  The first is, How to Find Your Soul-mate Without Losing Your Soul and the second is If you Really Loved Me.

Just for fun, I subscribe to the weekly Glacier Park Regional newspaper called Hungry Horse News out of Kalispell, Montana.  We travel to Glacier Park each summer and I keep track of all the local news and park photos year round.

My Favorite Books: My favorite books are: Poor Richard’s Almanac & Quotes by Benjamin Franklin and Beyond the Information Given by education specialist Jerome Bruner.

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