Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Delivering Unity Campaign--Are you a Locavore?

You know that trend to be a "locavore" when it comes to food, sourcing your food as locally as possible?

How about your Catholic news?

From the page describing the Delivering Unity campaign:

Those who contribute to the campaign automatically receive 26 biweekly print issues of The Catholic Post mailed to their home. Bishop Jenky encourages all who are able to give beyond the traditional $25 subscription investment – even if only $5 or $10 more – to consider doing so as a practical way to evangelize inactive Catholics or to provide Catholic reading for households struggling in this economy.

The editor of The Catholic Post Tom Dermody (referred to often as "my editor" here) is multitalented, as he narrated and appears in this video, "Ignite Your Faith," and he also wrote the background music for it.

I really enjoyed watching this video, and it inspired me to make our family's annual Lenten donation to this campaign.  The online form couldn't be any easier to fill out.

 I hope it will do the same for you if you are connected in any way to the Peoria diocese.

Do you receive the print edition of The Catholic Post?  Consider giving a gift to the campaign to ensure that you always receive a copy, and offer others within the diocese the opportunity to receive the newspaper.

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