Thursday, February 28, 2013

Visit me at my new "place":

I'm in the slow process of converting from this blogspot to my own website,  But I've decided that while things are still quite "rustic" over there, and I'm learning my way, it makes more sense to invite you to visit me over at the new site.  I did a few posts on both platforms, but posting on the new site exclusively makes the most sense.

So come visit me at And be sure to say hello! Today I'm sharing about what we are doing to celebrate Benedict XVI as well as the conclave.

This weekend my March column and other content that appears in print edition of The Catholic Post will post there, and gradually you'll see a great shiny new and improved site.  As always, I welcome reader comments and ideas.

P.S. Sorry for the broken link to the new site!  I believe it is working now.

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