Friday, April 30, 2010

Treasure in Clay Question: Bishop Sheen Spiritual/Media Heirs?

I think there are plenty of energetic and charismatic Catholic apologists, but I find myself considering Catholic networks when I consider media heirs of Archbishop Sheen.

Of course, Mother Angelica's Eternal Word Television Network is a fixture in providing radio & television programming, and has quite a presence on the Internet.  It started with Mother Angelica but now has scores of personalities with a variety of Catholic programming.

The Canadian network Salt & Light TV produces some excellent programming, some of which airs in the US on EWTN.

One priest who harnesses New Media to spread the Gospel in a dramatic way is Father Robert Barron and his apostolate.  Just a few highlights: Fr. Barron is a fantastic teacher; has an excellent podcast, and his "Catholicism Project" is a "landmark, epic documentary series" to reveal the beauty & truth of the Catholic faith.

Whom do you consider to be the spiritual/media heirs of Archbishop Sheen today, in terms of using their gifts and zeal to spread the Gospel in unique ways?


  1. What about the SQPN network?

    Also iPadre Catholic podcasting.

  2. Yes, I agree about SQPN!

    I've heard of iPadre but haven't checked it out.