Thursday, March 24, 2011

How's Your Lenten Reading Going?

Now that we're a couple of weeks into Lent, I wanted to share how my plan of Lenten reading is going, and see what others are reading and finding helpful this Lent.

When I wrote at the beginning of the month that I hoped to pick up Introduction to the Devout Life as I often do during Lent, it was partially to stay accountable so I actually would.  And so far, so good.

I am more than halfway through this great classic by St. Francis de Sales, and really enjoying it and finding new things in it.

Just one quick, fairly random quote to share:

From the Third Part of the Introduction, in a section entitled, "Propriety in Dress:" "For my part, I would have devout people, whether men or women, always the best dressed in a group but the least pompous and affected.  As the proverb says, I would have them adorned with grace, decency, and dignity."

I still hope to read Forget Not Love:  The Passion of Maximilian Kolbe by Andre Frossard, that I've had for some time and have not yet read.

So how is your Lent going?  What are you reading?

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  1. Last year, my spiritual director asked me to read Holy Thursday, by Francois Mauriac. What a wonderful meditation, and an easy read, on the the days before the crucifixion. But the text is much more than that- a living conversation with the Eucharist. I plan to read this again in the next weeks.

    This year's Lenten season was less prepared for; I had no reading planned. Yet one day at the bookstore, Michael O'Brien's book Father Elijah popped out at me from the crowded shelves. I read a chapter at the bookstore and was compelled to bring it home.(I did pay for it.)

    Even though the story is fictional, so much of it is true to the church. I feel the desire to strengthen my faith as a result of reading this book. And while there are a small handful of political jabs i disagreed with, overall the book is a beautiful testament to the Catholic faith.

    I am eager to read O'Brien's other books now, including one book about exposing our children to fantasy. His acid test: The dragon is the bad guy. We dont make friends with him, we defeat him. A fascinating point to make in our strange love affair with 'the bad guy'.

    Jen McDaniel