Monday, December 5, 2011

Advent Book Giveaway #4: Baxter's Big Teeth by Betty Counce

Fourth in the Catholic Post Book Group Advent Book giveaway is Baxter's Big Teeth.

Baxter's Big Teeth is first in a series of books called "Critters Like Me," from a local book publisher, Keepworthy Creations,  started last year to offer high value keepsake gifts and books that teach life lessons offered in print and interactive formats.   The books are written by local author Betty Counce, and illustrator by local artist (and member of St. Thomas the Apostle parish in Peoria Heights) David Seay.

The book tells the story of a beaver, Baxter, who has to learn patience as his "big teeth" begin to grow in.  Even the dentist- averse kids at our house enjoyed this little story, though we (including Mom) were more concerned about Baxter losing his family at the beginning of the book than his tooth woes.  It all ends well, though, as Baxter learns how to have patience and take care of his teeth.

What I like best about the book is that it comes with a nicely designed and quite substantial keepsake pewter "tooth box."  This giveaway is for the book, pewter tooth box and soft pouch (for the box).

Here are the rules for this giveaway and all the books in the giveaway.  You must comment on the blog post or posts giving away the book.  So, if you are interested in Baxter's Big Teeth, leave a comment here on this post.

In addition, if you are the winner, I will let you know via comment if I do not have an e-mail or a way to reach you.  If you do not respond in two days, I'll pull another name.  That's it!  Couldn't be easier.

Baxter's Big Teeth and other books in the "Critters Like Me" series are available at local Hallmarks, the "I Know You Like a Book" bookstore in Peoria Heights, and various online booksellers.

Deadline for this giveaway is Thursday, December 8, at 7 p.m. Central Time.


  1. Love that the book comes with a "tooth box". Those are some big teeth to take care of. Would love to win this book from my little neice who only has a few teeth in her mouth just now.

  2. This sounds so cute and something we are dealing with as teeth are falling out and growing in all over the house these day :)

    Mary PC

  3. That looks really sweet!

  4. wow, Maria just had to have her first two teeth pulled at the dentist, this would be such a cool book to have!
    Lisa Roder

  5. The Catholic Gift Shop, you are our winner! I had meant to draw the names before I was out of town this weekend, but it didn't happen. Sorry for the delay. More giveaways coming this month and next.