Thursday, December 1, 2011

First, What Are You Reading? Volume 16, Christmas Book Edition, December 2011

Here are my answers to the four questions I ask on the first of each month:
first, what are you reading?
what do you like best about it?
what do you like least?
what's next on your list to read? 

As always, I hope you'll consider your current reads on your blog and/or sharing here in the comments or on Facebook.  Happy reading!

Normally, I finish my "first, what are you reading?" post well in advance of the first day of the month, but  this month I did not.  Rather than make it a "second, what are you reading?" post, I'm going to quickly list a couple of Christmas classic books, and invite you to share yours.  No "what I like best, least or next" this time.  You'll have to fill in for me.  And don't forget to enter the book giveaway that ends tonight.

First, what are you reading?  

Linda, a fellow library volunteer, shared with me a great book that I read to kids this week in the school library.  It's called Too Many Tamales by Gary Soto.  It's a very sweet and funny book, makes you want to make tamales after you finish, and also funny.  A couple of the classes of kids and I worked out the math problems if four kids had to eat the 24 tamales, how many tamales each?  Thanks for introducing it to me, Linda!

We haven't gotten out any of our Christmas books yet, but two of our absolute favorites are The Puppy Who Wanted a Boy by Jane Thayer (note that we have that actual older edition, given to me several years back by one of my sisters).  It's fairly goofy, but I pretty much have it memorized after reading it four Christmases ago literally every day from about December 15 to mid-February, so fond was our then four-year-old of that book.  We all still love it.

The other every Christmas must read aloud, though my kids are getting older, is Rumer Godden's The Story of Holly and Ivy.  I see a handsome new edition came out last Christmas, and I might have to invest in that this year.  We have a very old edition of this.

What are the favorite perennial Christmas books at your house?

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  1. My favorit perennial Christmas book is always
    The Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans. Christmas is a gift we get for ourselves and the love we get to share with others.