Thursday, January 5, 2012

Two E-Books for Two Great Feasts

Happy Feast of St. John Neumann!  When I saw yesterday that St. Elizabeth Ann Seton was the feast day, and today was St. John,  I immediately thought of two terrific short chapter books about these saints.

First is Thomas Finds a Treasure: A St. John Neumann Story by Joan Stromberg, part of the Glory of America series.  These books are similiar in style and reading level of the American Girl books, but with a Catholic flair.  And they are not girl-specific, so both boys and girls will enjoy it.  Readers will learn all about St. John Neumann and his time through the eyes and story of a fictional 10-year-old boy, Thomas, and his family.

Another great book in the series is Kat Finds a Friend: A St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Story, also by Joan Stromberg.  When our family traveled to Gettysburg and Emmitsburg early last summer, I realized I had forgotten to bring along our copy of Kat Finds a Friend.  How excited I was to see the Kindle edition, and download it immediately so we could read it and enjoy it as we saw the actual places described in the book.

These Kindle books are a bargain at $5.50 each.  If you are not a Kindle reader, both "real" books, and others in the series, are easily available at Catholic bookstores.

Yesterday, when I was in the school library for my day to volunteer and share great books, I had the chance to share with the kids.  I thought quite a few of the kids, or someone in their family, might have received a Kindle or other device to read e-books, and I was right--it was more than half.  I had the opportunity yesterday to "book talk" both of these books, and their e-editions, by showing the kids the books on my Kindle App.

Do you know other e-books about saints?  What are some good choices?

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  1. I think I'll buy and read "Thomas Finds a Treasure: A St. John Neumann Story", because I read only great reviews about it on Amazon and on other sites. I love to read this kind of books...they are my favorite. It has an interesting story, with all that I want in it and my kids will love this book for sure. Thank you for sharing this and by the way Happy New Year!!