Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cardinal Newman, Patron Saint of Catholic Novelists...and Readers, too?

I didn't realize until I stumbled upon this Catholic Fiction website that Blessed John Henry Newman was considered the patron saint of Catholic novelists. I love this!  Perhaps he could also be the patron saint of Catholic fiction readers.  The site is run by a publishing house I had not encountered before--Idyllis Press, "publishing the catholic imagination."

Newman is adopted as patron of Catholic novelists because he himself wrote two novels.  I have not read either of them, but I have seen in various places that they are well-done.

Incidentally, this site is chock full of interesting information and a book list of "Catholic fiction."  Here is an explanation of "what constitutes Catholic fiction."  I note the list includes all of my favorite author Jane Austen's full-length novels, and the site includes tons of reviews of Catholic fiction and commentary.

Check it out!

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