Friday, April 15, 2011

Catholic Kindle (and other e-Reader) Books: UPDATED

Since we're discussing all things tech this month with a review of Prayer in the Digital Age, let's take some time to talk about e-books versus real books, and Catholic publishing inroads there.

At our house, we have a love/hate relationship with e-books and e-book readers.

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  1. Great thoughts here. I spoke with several Catholic publishers about an apologetics book proposal. Ultimately I decided to go the self-publishing route, and one of the main factors there was how easy it is to make an e-book (in addition to a real book via print-on-demand services like Amazon's CreateSpace).

    Further, I can price the e-book quite low (say, $1.99) to attract more people to read it, while still getting the same amount of royalties as if I had gone through a publisher.

    Catholic publishers are going to have to follow the trend of the big secular publishers and make all their books available in electronic format in addition to print. Also, the $9.99 price point for e-books will have to drop.

    Anyways, I'm fascinated by this topic and look forward to seeing how everyone adapts. I just hope that Catholic publishers can stay afloat with these radical changes to their industry.